Ivan Necula, VP Operations

Ivan Necula is the Vice President of Operations and one of the owners of NICI. Ivan is responsible for its overall operations, including management-labour relations, strategic planning, workforce development, and recruiting & employment, within Canada and abroad.

Ivan was instrumental in the establishment of NICI early in the evolution of Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program. He travelled to Asia and Europe with his sister and colleague, Stephanie Necula, to develop relationships with foreign recruiting agencies that had an established record of compliance with Canada’s laws for the protection of foreign and domestic workers. The Neculas also met with top Canadian officials overseas and laid the groundwork for NICI’s operations within Canada and the foreign workers’ countries of origin. 

Mr. Necula has experience with the various federal and provincial government departments and agencies involved in Canada’s immigration system, including the related areas of apprenticeship and employment. Together with NICI’s in-house lawyer, Ivan has assisted NICI and its clients with the successful processing, deployment and onboarding of foreign nationals for temporary and permanent employment in Canada.

Mr. Necula’s knowledge of Canada’s labour relations environment, including contractors’ associations, collective bargaining and collective bargaining agreements, and industrial construction projects proposed and currently underway, make him a valuable asset to NICI and its clients. 

Contact: inecula@nici-group.com